16-17 April, 2018
16-17 April, 2018
16-17 April, 2018
conference overview
The education sector in Punjab has received sustained and undivided attention championed by the Chief Minister, Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, a passionate believer in the value of quality education as the singular driver for sustained social and economic transformation. The Government of Punjab believing in the principle of progressive universalism for reaching all disadvantaged groups is daring to deliver the right to education for sustainable development through a comprehensive systems oriented strategy backed by regular evidence with accountability to understand what works and how to accelerate outreach to the last mile; where every child, youth and adult counts without discrimination.
  • Challenges of Early Childhood Education and development
  • Right to education
  • Enrollment and retention
  • Revamping school infrastructure
  • Daanish School System: Why & What
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Promoting inclusion through financial incentives
  • Improving gender parity
  • Inclusive Education
  • Merit based induction: Training and incentivizing teachers
  • Revision of curricula and textbooks
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Challenges of creativity and critical thinking
  • Assessment tools and their systematic validity and student learning outcomes
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  • Leadership and Management
  • School monitoring, Evaluation and Feedback
  • Decentralization of Education: District Education Authorities
  • Reactivating school councils: Engaging communities
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keynote speakers
School Education Department, Punjab
Information Technology University (ITU), Punjab
Director, Composer and a Champion of Intercultural Dialogue
Founder of Cultural Infusion
Lead Education Specialist
World Bank Group
Professor of Education
University of Brighton
Director of Malaysian Institute of Teacher Education
Tuanku Bainun Campus, Penang
Education Economist
Institute of Education
Reader in the School of Education
University of Leicester
Vice Rector
Forman Christian College
Professor of Development Economics
Malaya University
Managing Director
Oxford University Press
about lahore
There is an ancient Punjabi adage, "One who hasn't seen Lahore, hasn't been born!" Lahore is a Municipal city, has been the capital of Punjab for nearly a thousand years, and the administrative head-quarters of a Division and District of the same name. It is situated one mile to the south of the river Ravi, and some 23 miles from the eastern border of the district. The city is built in the form of a parallelogram, the area within the walls, exclusive of the citadel, being about 461 acres. It stands on the alluvial plain traversed by the river Ravi. The city is slightly elevated above the plain...