Enlisted below are the major objectives of the conference:

  • To showcase the achievements of the Punjab Education Reforms 2008-2017
  • To integrate best world practices in education
  • To envision Strategic Development Goals for school education in Punjab through sustaining gains of education reforms and setting higher goals


This conference is aligned with the commitment of the Government of the Punjab to ensure inclusive and quality education for all. As such, the conference will draw upon national and international perspectives in education. The conference will cover the following major themes and sub-themes as they relate to the education landscape:


  • Challenges of Early Childhood Education and development
  • Right to education
  • Enrollment and retention
  • Revamping school infrastructure

Inclusion & Equity

  • Daanish School System: Why & What
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Promoting inclusion through financial incentives
  • Improving gender parity
  • Inclusive Education


  • Merit based induction: Training and incentivizing teachers
  • Revision of curricula and textbooks
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Challenges of creativity and critical thinking
  • Assessment tools and their systematic validity and student learning outcomes
  • Activity based joyful learning
  • Integrating ICT into learning
  • Technology in Education
  • Technical Education


  • Leadership and Management
  • School monitoring, Evaluation and Feedback
  • Decentralization of Education: District Education Authorities
  • Reactivating school councils: Engaging communities